Presenting Ecstasy at the NY Java SIG tonight, 10 November 2022

Cameron Purdy will be talking about the future of computing using the Ecstasy programming language.

Ecstasy at the NY Java SIG (meetup link)  (EventBrite link)



  1. Thanks for the presentation! It was the first time I really got what you were trying to do.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, you came through as "anonymous" on your comment. What was your take-away (good, bad, etc.)?

    2. One of the things that became clear that wasn't really before was that the container you were building was the important thing and that the language was meant to implement the semantics of container.

      The Ectasy byline was 'a language built for the cloud'. Originally I thought that it was another ballerina (https://ballerina.io/) but it's closer to Elixir/Erlang in that those language are built around a special purpose VM (Beam) whose libraries (OTP in particular) and languages (many at this count) implement that semantics. What you're trying to do is different from Erlang but it's closer to that than most other things.

      I'm not a language designer so I didn't follow everything towards the end...but I at least understand where to place it now.

    3. Exactly. Ecstasy the language only exists because the new XVM runtime model (designed for the serverless cloud, for edge compute, and for modern devices and browsers) didn't have a language that could support it.

      Or, as the saying goes: "Form follows function."


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